The Tanning Shop Franchise – Why owning a tanning shop is a smart choice

What may have been considered a fad 20 years ago, tanning salons are now an established part the UK high street. Whether it is to prepare for a holiday or a special occasion or just feel good, tanning salons are part of 1000’s of people daily life style choice.

When starting your own business, establishing credibility with potential customers is absolutely vital. Being part of an established franchise system gives you that credibility from your very first day of business. People will know what your salon stands for before they walk in the door – so every visitor will be a potential customer.

A Proven Formula to Tanning, providing exciting franchise opportunities

Simply put, franchising is a network of independent and proven business relationships that allow a number of people to share:

  • Brand recognition
  • Proven business model and operating systems
  • Technology and innovation
  • Innovative and proven marketing programs
  • Franchise and corporate best practises
  • Group purchasing power

Franchising and Tanning are growth markets

Franchising is becoming more popular in the UK for starting and growing a business. When a franchisor provides the right business model and demand for the product is high, franchisees are well positioned to benefit from the power of branding. Smart entrepreneurs recognise that the advantages of joining a reputable franchise generally include things like opening quicker, experiencing success sooner, quickly developing a customer base, taking less risk and increasing the likelihood of profitability.